These zombie portraits explore the combination of psychological terror and the pop fixation of zombies as a genre in contemporary media. The symbolism of the inner beast, the potential of a uncontrollable hunger devoid of a rational control, combined with the ability to spread like a plague makes a monster whose existence is both a macro (a mass outbreak) and micro (an individual turned inhuman) scale. The appeal of such a creature is strong, is this a result of our living within so many macro-micro relationships, that a monster with such a psychological projection was eventual. This body of work is an exploration of the genreā€™s appeal and the horror of seeing our closest friends and family as well as the uncounted strangers we interact with every day all turned against us.

While trying to maintain the pop appeal I’ve also attempted to induce a horror at the image of a familiar face turned into the ultimate antagonist, one inside all of us. Granted it would be impossible to portray those intimate to everyone, and rather crass to portray those celebrities who are easily recognizable and already over portrayed, I’ve thus far selected those in my company who have a abundant social life and there for form a moderate social recognition.

I am still producing works within the series and am open to commissions for personal zombie portraits as well.

"Hunter and Chris", 36"x52" $1200.
“Hunter and Chris”, 36″x60″ $1200.
"Rob and Caroline", 36"x60" $1200.
“Rob and Caroline”, 36″x60″ $1200.
"Peter" 18"x24" Sold.
“Peter” 18″x24″ Sold.
"Bradley" 18"x24" Sold.
“Bradley” 18″x24″ Sold.
"Ross", 24"x30" $500.
“Ross”, 24″x30″ $500.
"Alison", 24"x30" $650.
“Alison”, 24″x30″ $650.
"Hailey" 18"x24" $800.
“Hailey” 18″x24″ $800.
"Patty", 18"x24" $800.
“Patty”, 18″x24″ $800.
"Lauretta" 20"x30" $800.
“Lauretta” 20″x30″ $800.
"Lindsey" 18"x24" $500.
“Lindsey” 18″x24″ $500.


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