Ad-hoc Trajectories

Ad-Hoc Trajectories

Ad-Hoc Trajectories is a project creating a sculptural metaphor for developing meaning or purpose from an otherwise chaotic background of experience. Small staircases, bridges, and boardwalks herein take the form of linear trajectories, which are held together by a chaotic ad-hoc matrix of the same substances. Inspired by the post-modern philosophies of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, this work connects the concept of acquiring experiences as a perpetual trajectory within the classical duality of order and chaos. The generation of experience as a single discernible trajectory of linked events is derived, or constructed from an otherwise indiscernible background noise of reality. Where then does the experience become discernible, and how is it made so? The act of defining linear trajectories is to compare the elements of order verses disorder, by putting into question the validity or purpose of such trajectories when based upon a chaotic but stable support.

This piece is intended as a critique of the validity of inherent meaning, purpose, use, and goals which are derived as linear constructs, or are considered quintessential within the movement of an ordered trajectory or a discernible experience.

This work was installed at the University of Victoria and the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective in 2009, and in the Slide Room gallery as part of the group show Fantasy Island in 2010.


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